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Balchik is situated in the north-east part of the Bulgarian Black Sea shore, 40 km from Varna and 20 km from Kavarna.
Balchik is situated terrace-like on a small bay, in a region with moderate continental climate. The average temperature in July is 22°C, and the temperature of the sea water in summer reaches 24 °C.
Balchik offers narrow beach strips. Few kilometers north from the resort, there are secluded beaches under the cliffs.

There are different kind of hotels, villas, guest houses and other types of accommodation in Balchik. Balchik offers big restaurants in the hotels, in the Balchik palace and in the downtown as well as small private restaurants, coastal stalls with pizzas, pasta, seafood and other kinds of Bulgarian and European cuisine.

Balchik is famous for the palace, built by Queen Maria. The palace complex has an unique botanical garden and is the biggest and most diverse on the Balkans Peninsula. The Palace Complex consists of a central palace buildinfgwith a high tower, numerous villas, a terrace park, green lanes and paths and beautiful stone summer-houses, propped on marvellous columns facing the sea.

The picturesque park is arranged in 1924-1936 on the project of the French garden designer Jules Janine. It comprises more than 200 tree species, numerous flowers, boasting of a unique collection of cactus plants (more than 250 species).
There are more than 3000 rare and exotic species of plants in the botanic garden. It is part of the teaching facilities of Sofia University. The whole complex was called Tenha Vuva (Quiet Nest).

The Art Gallery of the town is very interesting. The local museum is housed there as well. The coastal alley, 4 km long, is a nice place to stroll, so are the harbour and the small streets around. There is a small ethnographic museum and a beautiful old church called St. Nikola Church.

The area of Touzlata is located 4 km east of the town and is well known for its curing mud. There is a spa centre beside the two lakes, formed by old landslides as well as a mineral spring with water temperature of 31 °C. The site offers a recreational complex, bungalows, villas, a camping site.

Near the town of Balchik are situated 2 large camping sites – Belia Bryag Camping and Sandrino Camping. They offer a lot of opportunities for relax and water sports, bars, restaurants, bungalows. There are 3 golf courses in close proximity to Balchik – Black Sea Rama, Thracian Cliffs, Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort.

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