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The town of Berkovitsa is situated in the northern foot of Berkovski Balkan (Western Balkan Range). It is 89 kilometers north from Sofia and 25 kilometers north of the Petrochan narrow. The largest part of the area is a hilly mountain terrain, very often cut through by ravines. The lowest point above sea level is in the village of Borovtsi – 250 metres, and the highest point is the Kom Peak – 2016 metres.

The northern slopes of Berkovski Balkan are famous for its chestnut forests – one of the few natural fields for chestnuts in Bulgaria.

Berkovitsa is an old settlement. This is proved by the remains of a fortress and a church from the 4th century, situated on the top of  Kaleto hill. The town is famous from the time of king Kaloyan (the beginning of 13th century). The town is first mentioned in a written document from 1491. During the Ottoman rule it is developed as a craft center – mainly woodworking and pottery.

One of the famous historical monuments is the house museum “Ivan Vazov”. The house itself has interesting exterior and interior architecture with wood carving on the ceiling and original fireplaces. Permanent ethnographic exhibition is also shown in another architectural monument. The clock tower is remarkable for its huge size and beautiful upper part with old clock mechanism. It is built in 1762 and is one of the oldest still standing towers in Bulgaria.

The town is a starting position for marked tourism routes in the Berkovski Balkan range.

Kaleto is a forest hill (515) situated on the north – western part of the town. It is a natural forest park and protects Berkovitsa from the winds.

The site Ashkilar is a romantic place south of the town, reaching the chestnut forests and is a great site for relaxation out in the nature.

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