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Borovets is an International ski resort, located at the foot of Mousala Peak in Rila Mountain. Borovets is huddled in venerable coniferous forests which have given its initial name Chamkoria. The altitude varies from 1230m to 1390m and this influences the healthy climate in the resort.

Borovets is the oldest ski resort in Bulgaria. It is located 75km southeast of Sofia and 125km west of Plovdiv city. Borovets is the world of fulfilled dreams and we can agree with this quite literally. People are different and this is the reason why their dream cannot be one and the same in most cases. Upon its establishment, Borovets was the favourite place of aristocracy and perhaps wealthy people chosen the region due to the unique climate, crystal clear mountainous air and the gorgeous peaks which seem to try to reach the sky. Later on, however, dedicated and hard-working residents of the near town Samokov decided to make Rila mountain a place that welcomes all Bulgarians. Hence, their aim was to turn Borovets into an easily accessible venue which is not reserved for wealthy men. Therefore, local people started the construction of ski tracks, cozy hotels and family houses, typically Bulgarian restaurant where one can enjoy a hot cup of herbal tea or drink a glass of the famous Bulgarian wine.

Borovets didn’t remain uncultivated, because it became clear that it’s a wonderful venue for practicing various winter sports and a hub of endless summer activities. Borovets is the custodian and ultimate source of dreams of thousands sportsmen who cannot stop striving for success and achieving the freedom of the spirit.

Borovets is the oldest mountainous resort in Bulgaria and often gathers the world ski elite. Borovets is the birthplace of many world champions. The lovely ski resort is the perfect place for a vacation or practicing various winter sports- Alpine skiing, biathlon, ski jumps and snowboard adventures. The slopes of Borovets vary in difficulty, so they are suitable for both beginners and advanced skiers.

Having been created as a hunting venue for Bulgarian kings, Borovets reveals its full potential and thanks to the residents of Samokov, it turns into a modern ski resort of high standards. It is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities which comply with all world standards. Tourists are spoilt for choice of top hotels and numerous Apres-ski activities.

It is noteworthy that ski conditions for biathlon activites in Borovets are considered some of the best worldwide. Borovets is a quiet place which satisfies the needs of family travellers and groups of friends. Borovets is a slice of paradise which fascinates the visitor with the nature and offers a myriad of entertainment options and activities: mountainous and eco routes, picnics, fishing, horse-riding, bicycle riding etc. Why do so many people from different countries love Borovets? Lovely suntan, perfectly groomed ski slopes, refreshing sport days, relaxing massages in SPA centres, moonlight walks along the charming narrow streets, family-friendly atmosphere and yet a great party are some of the reasons why you would return to Borovets. The quiet vacation is preferred by many holidaymakers, because even one relaxing getaway in the mountain can relieve the stress and the fatigue.

Borovets is one of a kind not only because of the gorgeous nature and the excellent location, but due to the surrounding venerable pine forests which exude a mystic tranquility and are a condition for complete recreation and self-knowledge.


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