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Kavarna is situated in the northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast – 64 km from Varna. The coast is varied and there are cliffs combined with beaches and abrasive formations such as caves, fissures, etc. There is a steep cape called Kaliakra near the town. Kaliakra  is  popular with caves and the habitat of the rare Black Sea monk seal. Kavarna is known for its ecological clean area, preserved nature and splendid sea coast.Kavarna is famous for its ecological clean area. Today Kavarna is known as The Rock Capital of Bulgaria. Every summer the town gathers world famous rock musicians on one stage. Close to Kavarna is Yaylata National Archaeological Preserve, where a number of archaeological discoveries have been made.

The history museum contains findings dating from the 5th – 6th c. BC to 1940. The ethnographic museum of Kavarna exhibits items from the local lifestyle, national dresses of different ethnographic groups, adornments.

Some of the most picturesque beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast are located in Kavarna region. Rusalka (Mermaid) Resort and its beautiful rocky shore are just 20 km away from the town.

Two important wetlands lay north from Kaliakra: Bolata and Taukliman (The Bird’s Cove). Interesting water birds nest in these places, and some of the animal species are included in the Bulgarian Red Book (a list of the endangered species in the country). These are some of the destinations in the country preferred by ornithologists.136258078406a Kavarna_Bulgaria_aerial_photo_from_the_Black_Sea OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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