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The village of Raduil is located in South-West Bulgaria. It is included in Municipality Samokov (Sofia District). It is highly picturesque, with the main road winding through the village and over the Maritsa river. Being just 8km from the world class ski resort of Borovets does mean it is a highly popular holiday home destination.
Raduil is quite a distinctive village. When you pass through the centre you will see a small jet plane and tank – Remnants from the Communist regime.
There is also a small hotel near the centre in Alpine style, cafes and shops. Numerous guest houses ran by locals are readily available as well due to the large amounts of tourists that visit the village throughout the year.
Just 2kms from Raduil is the famous Pokrov Bogorodichen Monastery which is built over ancient consecrated ground. The monks there do often offer for you to try their dishes which are made from vegetables grown within the grounds of the Monastery and nearby- well worth a visit.

Not far from the village begins the territory of  Rila National Park. It is the largest in Bulgaria and one of the largest in Europe. It was created in order to conserve forest, subalpine ecosystems, forming a unique natural complex. The area of the reserve is 12 393.7 ha and covers a considerable area around the village of Beli Iskar and Musala. It is a favorite spot for tourists, nature lovers and naturalists. Huts in the Park and maintained network of hiking trails create conditions for the practice of hiking. Nearby are Dolna Banya and Pchelin with its mineral springs with proven medicinal properties.



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