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Varshets is a spa town in Montana Province, northwestern Bulgaria. It is the administrative centre of the homonymous Varshets Municipality. As of December 2009, its population is 6,538.  The town is located on the northern slopes of the western part of the Balkan mountains in the small valley of the Botunya River, at 43°12′N 23°17′E, 359 metres above sea level. One of the oldest and most popular resorts in northern Bulgaria, it is famous for its curative mineral springs, mild mountain climate, beautiful scenery and a large well-kept park. The town has an excellent tourist infrastructure. There are two spa centres, a polyclinic, numerous rest houses, hotels and also many private lodgings. Varshets has an art gallery, a municipal museum and an Eastern Orthodox church dedicated to Saint George.

The mineral water of  Varshez contains number of trace elements such as iron, lithium, barium, aluminium, strontium, phosphates, manganese, arsenic, etc. It is suitable for external use, as well as for inhalations, irrigations and drinking. In the region of Varshets there are many interesting landmarks and places for recreation. The nearest place is the Waterfall – about 3 km from the baths.

A 2nd century BC bronze sculpture of a Thracian boy found in the vicinity of the town is today a symbol of Varshets. The modern town is linked to Medeca, a Roman and Byzantine site first mentioned in the 6th century AD. Varshets’ existence was also evidenced in 16th century documents. The first state baths in Varshets were built in 1910 and were run by Damyan Ivanov, a balneologist who specialized in Austria-Hungary. The New Baths were built in 1930, and the Sun Garden was arranged in 1934. In 1950, Varshets was proclaimed a national resort.

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